Why We Offer Unlimited Slots

Our Pricing Model


The market for Game server hosting is a wild one, with hit & miss prices which are dishonest and overpriced. We believe every server & community should have free reign over their server and how its ran, so we thought of a new approach.

Our competitors charge by the amount of slots reserved for your server, charging high costs just so you can play with your friends & community. However, with TBE Gaming, we charge by the amount of RAM your server reserves. All of our servers have the choice for unlimited slots with each service providing the optimal amount of RAM for individuals & small communities.

£2.00 / GB RAM

OUr average price per ram for each server

Free Support


We pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers and being honest with our pricing structure. All of our base prices only charge for the amount of RAM your server has reserved, Disk space is included for FREE. We offer RAM & Disk Storage upgrades to enhance the performance of your server. We provide assistance and guidance for our customers on what package best suits their community, ensuring we provide a honest service which benefits you the most.

All of our servers include Free Support from our team which work around the clock to help troubleshoot any issues you may have with your server, any sales questions or just to answer any general inquiries you may have about your service. Our sales team are always here to answer any inquiries regarding our pricing, and we are always happy to provide discounts to new users to see if our service is fit for you.

Our Competitors

Comparing between different providers is the best way to find your best fit

Comparing our prices to our competitors, we are a clear fit for any community which doesn’t want to compromise on performance.

TBEG's competitive Prices chart.