Who we are

We (TBE Gaming; tbegaming.com, Our, They, Us) are the subsidiary of our parent company (TB Enterprise; TBE) and is managed by both employees of TB Enterprise & TBE Gaming. We reserve the right to change the terms of service at any time. It is up to the user to ensure they are kept updated with these terms of service. We will post news and updates about any changes on our website’s blog & news. We may refer to our panel (panel.tbegaming.com) or our Client Area (tbegaming.com/clientarea) which can be accessed by our customers and partners.

TBE Gaming provide hosting services (Services, server, game server, dedicated server) to customers and clients (You, Your, Customer, Client, user)

1. Terms of Service

When using our service, you automatically agree to our Terms of service. This Terms of service document covers the entirety of TBE Gaming and its services.

2. Services

We provide services to you. The cost of a server subscription is valid through the entire rental of the server, subject to fair consumer price index increases.

All Clients have the option to transfer their server to another service, subject to price changes & set-up fees
Servers may take up to 24 hours to set up, however on average it can take up to an hour.

Ownership of a service is determined by the account holder & payer of any invoice older than a week (7 days).

TBE Gaming staff can provide assistance with setting up your server, either via the developer support package or by providing assistance through the ticket. TBE Gaming may not provide official support to certain modifications to your service, however TBE Gaming pledge to assist as much as we can.

Service downgrades are non-refundable. We advise you downgrade before the next invoice payment.

TBE Gaming Guarantee 99% Uptime to all their servers, subject to planned maintenance or scheduled downtimes. For any outage that exceeds 30 days, we will provide a full refund plus credit to your account.

We will terminate any service that is 7 days overdue on a payment. After 7 days, your server may be subject to termination and may be unrecoverable.

4. Payment

All services are paid for in advance. Failure to keep up monthly or annual payments on your server will result in suspension, which ultimately will result in the deletion of your service.

When cancelling a subscription through our Client Area, please cancel the PayPal subscription which can sometimes not auto cancel. TBE Gaming will refund all overpayments.

Should a PayPal or Bank dispute be raised, your service may be suspended pending the investigation.

TBE Gaming retain no payment information and is held by secure third party services such as PayPal and Stripe.

A Monthly order consists of 30 days. There is a 24 hour grace period; if your service is not fit for you we can provide a refund (excluding the set-up fee). After the 24 hours, Managers and Team Leaders may deny a refund request unless it is justified i.e Server has been down for extended periods of time. We always try to be fair when making refund judgements.

Due to price fluctuations caused by global events, currency exchange rates or decreases, we may change the price of our services.

Store Credit is refundable at TBE Gaming’s discretion. Credit cannot be transferred outside of TBE Gaming’s Client Area.

You may only cancel a service through our Client Area. You can do this by going to “My Services” and request a cancellation. Cancellations made after the subscription renewal date cannot be refunded. Please cancel your service in time to avoid an unwanted renewal.

Credit stored on TBE Gaming’s client area will automatically pay invoices which are overdue.

Affiliate Payments are only made through PayPal and are not supported through Stripe.

5. Communications & Information

TBE Gaming have a wide array of support staff who are here to assist you in your creation and development of your service. Our team pledge to do their best within the confides of our internal documentation to support your service & community.

We ask that all clients treat our staff with respect. Any abuse will not be tolerated, and we reserve the right to cancel your service and blacklist you from our services.

We ask for respect so we can ensure we provide our best service to you. It is difficult to provide assistance to clients who are abusive as it puts unnecessary pressure on the team which can cause us to not function best to our ability.

TBE Gaming will post any information on our social medias such as Discord, Twitter, Instagram & Our website to inform of any maintenance and downtime. We tend to schedule any maintenance at 6AM GMT/BST.

6. Backups

Occasionally there are failures in hardware, and we aim to prevent these before they happen. All of our services are backed up daily at midnight GMT/BST.

We advise clients to locally backup their data in the event our backup systems fail.

7. Advertisements & Affiliates

TBE Gaming work closely with members of different communities. We may provide content creators and influencers with coupon codes for them to distribute to their audience. In the event a code does not work, raise a support ticket our team can assist.

TBE Gaming may pay out affiliates after £50 has been put in your affiliate account.

TBE Gaming may send you newsletters and emails regarding our service. You can unsubscribe by replying to the email with “unsubscribe” which will automatically opt-out of any news or sales letters.

8. Prohibited Use

Any unlawful activity carried out by you or a third party on your service can result in immediate and non-refundable termination of services and in certain cases legal action. This includes using copyrighted material, illicit material such as pornography of children under the legal age, or any material deemed illegal of any kind.

Customers must defend and pay any damages, fees or incursions incurred by TBE Gaming due to the customer misusing our service.

We reverse the right to refuse service to anybody for any reason if we deem it reasonable to do so. Reasons for this could be abuse, libel, insults and unreasonable behaviour of any kind.

We do not allow the use of Cryptocurrency mining software or malicious material hosting on our service. If your service contains any of these materials, your server may be suspended or terminated without notice.

9. Privacy Policy & Cookies

When users signup for our service, they must actively opt-in to marketing emails like competition and new game/product emails.

We only hold your data in our database like name, address, email address, and phone number for our own use and do not share data with any 3rd parties.

If you wish to be removed from our mailing list you only need to log in to our client area go to your user profile and opt out of these emails.

You will be asked upon visiting our website be asked on a banner at the bottom if you accept the use of cookies. We do not make extensive use of cookies on our website, but we use cookies on our client area to remember your login status and in (if you came to us from an affiliate) a tracking id so we can pay out the affiliate that linked you. The affiliate cookie expires after three months.

We log the IP address of all logins to our client area for the security of your account. If at any such time you wish your data to be deleted, you can request this via our support or by email, we can delete your account along with all emails, personal data, invoice history, log history, and ticket history, all data will be destroyed.