TBEGaming ("Us", "We", TBE, TBEGaming, tbegaming.com) provide server hosting and development ("services", "server", "game server", "dedicated server"), to the clients & staff ("You", "Your", "User", "Client", "Employee", "Staff")


By purchasing any product listed on tbegaming.com, you agree to the terms and conditions listed on this webpage.


3.1 - The Cost of a subscription is valid through the entire rental of the server, subject to fair consumer price index increases

3.2 - All users have the option to transfer to different products/services

3.3 - Servers will typically be ready for use (i.e in working condition) within 24 hours of communicating with a member of staff. Based on client requirements, such as custom development, it may take 3-9 working days.

3.3.1 - Server co-ownership is not possible, however sub-user access is granted throughout our services. The client of any server hosted with us will be the last known payer of any invoice older than 7 days, be that via card or any other payment service. Transfer of ownership will require identification by both parties.

3.4 - TBEGaming is responsible for your server development, and will require a list of features your server requires. Our team will contact you regarding what needs to be added to your server, and you may make adjustments whenever during your payment period. 

3.5 - Service downgrades are non-refundable. Downgrades occur the instant you make them, making downgrades towards the end of the month would be ideal for your plan.

3.6 - We guarantee an uptime of 99%, and any network or power outage that exceeds this over the course of 30 days will be subject to a discount on any future services.

3.7 - We will terminate any service that is 4 days overdue on Payment. We keep backups for all game servers, so in most cases your server can be restored.

3.8 - All software on the server, this includes code, custom addons, scripts and plugins, is owned by tbegaming.com and use of the code outside our services is not permitted on any grounds. Using any code, custom addons, scripts and plugins supplied by tbegaming.com outside of tbegaming.com is liable to damages. 


4.1 - All Game servers are paid for in advance. Failure to keep up monthly payments on your server can result in suspension and deletion of your game servers

4.2 - If you decide to cancel a subscription with us, please ensure all subscriptions payments are cancelled. We will refund all overpayments if the subscription cancellation fails

4.3 - If using PayPal, should you need to raise a dispute using the PayPal service, the suspension of your server may need to be implemented whilst the investigation is processing.

4.4 - tbegaming.com retains no personal credit or debit card details. Payments are made through our third party processor Stripe / PayPal.

4.5 - A monthly order counts as 30 days, and TBEGaming provides a cooling-off period of 24 hours; if the service is somehow not right for you, we can refund you. After the 24 hours cooling-off period, refunds can be denied unless a manager feels a refund is justified. We always try to be fair in refund decisions, so give us as much information as possible.

4.6 - Subscription prices may rise, depending on server costs and currency exchange rates. These updated prices will be emailed to the client as soon as possible.

4.7 - Cancellations can only be made through email. We will not accept cancellations through other services, such as discord.


5.1 - tbegaming.com support staff are here to assist you. They will do their utmost to help within the confines of the support service guidelines . Please treat them with respect, it's much harder to fix an issue with overly abusive individuals. Under that kind of pressure, it's hard to help to the best of our ability. 

5.2 - tbegaming.com will contact you via your email to inform you of any downtime or maintenance required on your server. Please also note that there are scheduled restarts of our machines once a week although we do perform this at times of least use, normally 6 am, and they will be down only for the time it takes to reboot. Servers will restart automatically.


6.1 - tbegaming.com has offsite backup stores and backups are performed at regular intervals. To help protect your files auto backup systems are in place and can be retrieved after a hardware failure.

6.2 - There are functions within our development panel which clients can use to manually backup data on your server.


7.1 - Any unlawful activity carried out by you or a third party on your rented dedicated servers or game servers can result in an immediate and non-refundable termination of services and, in extreme cases, legal action.  This includes copyrighted materials, pornography, and illegal material or data of any kind. When asked by Staff if you have rights to any material/data, we ask you provide proof of ownership.

7.2 - The Client must defend and pay any damages, fees, judgments and costs incurred by tbegaming.com due to the customer breaching clause 7.

7.3 - tbegaming.com reserve the right to refuse service to anybody for any reason if we deem it correct to do so. Reasons for this could be abuse, libel, insults and unreasonable behaviour of any kind.


8.1 - When you use our services, we will email you regarding your service and other services available.

8.2 - We hold your data in our database. We hold your name, email address and phone number for our own use. We do not share data with any 3rd parties in compliance with the GDPR regulations within the United Kingdom.