Our Services & Information

  • We provide 24/7 support and development on our game servers. We will privately develop, manage and sustain your game/voice server to ensure its running smoothly!
  • We are always looking for new members for our team. We recruit all who are interested in video games, and have a passion for them. 
  • Those apart of our team are given the ability to learn new skills and to expand their knowledge on programming, community management and much more!
  • Feel Free to Contact us via email!
Experienced Team
Our Engineers and Developers ensure our services are kept up to date and functional. Our Developers are always on stand-by to assist with any development issues.
Secure Technology
All of our technology and systems are kept up-to-date and secure. Security is one of our main priorities and we ensure our services are secure. 
Efficient Support
Our Customer Support team are always there to help with any issues you may face, whether this be regarding payment or technical issues regarding our servers
Our services are based in Europe & The United States, however Our fibre-broadband allows our servers to be accessed internationally.