Community Centred Hosting

Experience our no lag game servers, at the cheapest pricing.

No slot fees - Enjoy top quality for a low price.

Pay for the specifications, not the players - All of our prices are centred around the server specifics, making it perfect for those who plan to expand and grow. We ensure the cheapest prices for our servers are feasible for small communities and playerbases, as well as offer options for more RAM & Diskspace for those who plan to become larger.

Garry's Mod

Host your own Garry's Mod server with no limits on Player capacity and with our best hardware & technology.

Starting from £4.00 / Month


Fight & Survive with your community with our all-powerful servers with the latest hardware. Fight against as many players as your heart desires, with our powerful servers at your fingertips.

Starting from £16.00 / Month

7 Days to Die

Survive 7 Days and More with our ultra-fast servers, with all required specifications included in this deluxe package.

Starting from £15.50 / Month


Fight your foes on VR with our powerful PavlovVR servers with PCVR & Shack Support. Don't sacrifice performance for low slots; be with the best.

Starting from £8.00 / Month


Build up your factory and escape the planet on our dedicated servers. Collaborate with as many of your friends as possible, on our unlimited slot servers.

Starting from £8.00 / Month


Fight hordes of the undead & enemy players on our premium servers. Sacrifice your teammates, not your slots. Our server includes everything your community needs.

Starting from £8.00 / Month


Mine, Craft and Build with your friends and community on our high performance servers. No limit cap on how many players you desire, you determine the universe.

Starting from £2.00 / Month

Why we are the perfect choice for you.


Our servers run off the latest technology, using AMD's super fast and efficent processors designed with performance in mind. We guarantee 99% uptime on all our services.


Our fully customised Game Panel & Client Area allow you to have complete control over your server and how its ran. Our team of developers are always here to help you to assist with your server setup.


Our team are here for you 24/7 to help resolve any issue you may be having with your server, or to answer any general inquiries. Our in-depth knowledge base is accessable to all, with guides on how to use your server.

About our Approach

Our goal is to allow anyone to start up their own community & server, with or without previous experience. We pride ourselves in offering a service which is honest, reliable and cost-effective for the average gamer.

Our community driven approach allows for all communities sizes the opportunity to start-up or improve their server experience with our competitive prices & dedicated support.

Our customers only pay for the resources they reserve, and not the amount of players on their network. This gives small and large communities easy scaliability, as well as allow excellent performance throughout the board. We have designed our prices & resource budgets to work in favour for you and to ensure every server can run with issue regarding its performance.

Servers designed for your Community!

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